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What Are You Gonna Do With Your Life
-Echo & the Bunnymen (1999)
-thanks to withahip and fat cherry from the forums at

(D bar with a quick slide up the root from a D flat to the D root fro the verses)
If I knew now what I knew then
I'd wonder how not wonder when
There's something going wrong again
With (G)me and (D)mine

(same as before)
It's only ever what it seems
Memories and might have beens
Heaven's scent the smell of dreams
We'll never find

(Dflat)Tell (D)me, (Dflat)Tell (D)me, (G)tell (D)me

(A)(D)What are you going to do (G) with your (D)life? (throw in a little jangly Dsus4)
(D)What are you going to do (G) with your (D)life? (throw in a little jangly Dsus4)

What are you going to (G)do?
What are you going to (D)be?
What am I going to (G)do?
I'm going to (D)be me, (D)be me, (D)be me

(same as other verses)
If I could see what you can see
The sun's still shining out of me
I'd be the boy I used to be
When love was blind
I'd let the light back in again
Walk you to the tunnel's end
I'd be yours and maybe then
You'd be mine

(same as before)
So tell me, tell me, tell me

repeat chorus

(G)I (D)will, if (G)you (D)will
(A)Follow me (G)do-(D)own......


On the chorus, the wandering cello goes AGAGF#GF# and wobbles about between the G anf F# and drops down a bit, and the sarge sort of mimics this with a bit of jingly jangly up the top end of his own fret board.


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