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Some notes about this discography.

I decided not to include all the different "Goth", "80's" and "Post-Punk" various-artist compilations as they tend to have tracks that are already available on official releases and typically have only "The Killing Moon" or "Pictures on My Wall" anyway. I have however included soundtracks to movies as I feel these are noteworthy and hold some historical value.

This information was pulled from various resources on the internet including other discographies that were incomplete or abandoned.

UK Chart info comes from EveryHit and Wikipedia
US Chart info comes from VH1 and Progrography

All album covers are at 200 pixels wide when possible. I still have some missing or very small (70 pixel) graphics. If you have any scans or digital pictures that are of better quality I would appreciate it if you sent them to me.

Links to recordings for Ochre, Amazon and others are provided as a courtesy. If you are purchasing via the links on this site make sure you are ordering the correct item.




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