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History Chimes
by Echo and the Bunnymen
from the album "What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?

C Am F G

(C)Bells high on a (Am)hill
History (F)chimes
And you want a (G)new beginning
(C)Tell me in biro or (Am)quill
Your purpose and (F)mine
Prove that our (G)world is spinning

(C)So (E)here goes (F)nothing (G)better
(C)And (E)here's to (F)something (G)else

(F)Until (G)tomorrow
But that's (C)ano-(B/C)ther (F)time
It's just ano-(B/C)ther (F)time
It's just some o-(B/C)ther (F)troubl-(Am)ed (G)time

The seed grew up a boy
Turned to a man
Is this the world you wanted?
It seems under the soil
Over the sand
Not quite the seed I planted
I've seen you
And now I know better
I've been you
Now I'm someone else

Until tomorrow
But that's another time
It's just another time
It's just some other troubled time

Until tomorrow



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